Twerking is a Cultural Dance

Twerking is a cultural dance. Why is it often seen as demeaning? Cultures within the African diaspora have similar dances that involve pelvic gyrations. Although twerking and whining are not the same, twerking most likely was influenced by our African ancestry. Why is whining seen as a legit cultural dance while twerking is not?As influential as... Continue Reading →

The Problem With “Niggerfishing”

“Niggerfishing” is the art of white women portraying themselves as Black women or racially ambiguous women on social media. It’s like “catfishing”, which means to portray yourself as a completely different person online. White women on Instagram spray tan their skin outrageously dark, overline or inject their lips, and rock cornrows on Instagram for that... Continue Reading →

Where are the Cultural Boundaries!?

Let me get these annoyances off my mind. Ariana Grande’s finally pushed her culture appropriation to the limit and the Grammy’s disrespected Motown with that J. LO tribute. I get tired of seeing people disrespect Black American culture time and time again. We’re always being gaslighted into accepting this. “iT’S a foRM oF fLAttERy!” “tHErE... Continue Reading →

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