These Celebrities Are Out of Touch!

How many of you find this quarantine unbearable? How many of you find celebrities’ narcissistic reactions to this quarantine unbearable? There is a pandemic and people are scared. We are living in fear while some of the most privileged people in the world show us just how out of touch they really are.

Celebrities and news outlets are trying to relate a rich celebrity’s experience to the average person. Newsflash, they cannot relate to our struggles. These past two weeks, I’ve seen celebrities sitting in their hot tubs and mansions telling us “we’re in this together.” They have been complaining and crying about how they can’t stand being in the house and how boring everything is.  Meanwhile, the average person is crying because they’re trying to figure out how they’re going to survive. What will happen if they get sick? How will they have access to adequate healthcare? How are they going to pay bills? Rent? I am sick of hearing about the 1st world problems of celebrities.

To make things even worse, celebrities like Gal Gadot and Sarah Silverman thought they could heal us by singing “Imagine“. It was incredibly shallow and narcissistic. I found this performative humantiarinism offensive. Mind you, the celebrities in these video are worth millions of dollars. If these people really cared about helping, they could donate. They wanted to feel good about themselves while doing the least.

Then we have Pharrell, who is allegedly worth $150 million, asking the average person on Twitter to donate money for masks. This man lives in a $17 million home. He has more than enough money to donate. He could’ve asked his rich friends to help. But instead, he had the audacity to ask people who are losing their jobs to donate money they do not have. Pharrell didn’t even delete the tone deaf tweet after being called out for it.  This shows how selfish and out of touch these celebrities can be.

I have to be honest. We helped create these narcissistic celebrities. We put them on a pedestal. We tell them they’re better than us because they can sing, act, or play sports (some of them can’t even do that). We treat these human beings like Gods. We can’t be upset when they start to believe it. People have to stop with the celebrity worship. Instead of praising celebrities, we should be praising the essential workers. They’re the ones out here risking their lives to provide services to us. Essential workers work themselves to death aren’t even given a livable wage. Americans argue why essential workers don’t deserve a livable wage, but say nothing about the people who become billionaires simply from “entertaining”. There needs to be a change in mindset. It’s time to stop worshiping the rich and do more to help people like us who are struggling.

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