Black Women Can Wear Any Hairstyle They Want

Black women should be able to switch their hairstyles without being accused of hating themselves. The assumption that a woman with kinky hair loves her blackness more than one with straight hair is shallow. It contradicts the pro black movement. We preach about loving each other to turn around and judge each other based on hairstyles. Feeling above a Black woman because your hair is natural is no different than a Black Woman feeling above you because her hair is straightened. Both scenarios are divisive. If you wanna wear a fro go ahead. If you want a silky sixteen inch do it. It’s not about your hairstyle, it’s about uplifting each other.


We spend all of our time accusing Black women of being self hating for the way they wear their hair instead of dismantling the system that taught us to hate our hair to begin with. We direct all of our hate towards Black women and it’s just blatant misogynoir at this point. It’s not meant to be helpful or uplifting. Black women are criticized for their hair like they are criticized for everything else.

How many pro Blacks do you see calling Black men self hating for perming or using s curl? What about the jherri curl phase? The pompadour phase? Black men have been changing their hair textures throughout the years too. Do we accuse them of hating their hair? Do we call Black men self hating when they tell Black boys to cut their Afros off? Do y’all even come after Black men who shit on Black women as hard as you do for Black women wearing straight hair?

People accuse black women of wanting to be white whenever they wear a weave or straighten their hair. Apparently all it takes is changing your hairstyle to be white? Black Women cant even change their hair color without being told they’re trying to imitate white women. Meanwhile, non-Black women can experiment with hairstyles and hair colors without judgement. They can even walk around with hairstyles from Black cultures and people will tell Black women who call it out that they’re just jealous hypocrites. Because Black women can be critiqued for every way they wear their hair while white women can wear the hairstyles we were teased for without critique.

My advice to Black women out there is to continue rebelling against these misogynoiristic statements. Wear your hair anyway you want to. Accept Black women who wear their hair natural and the ones who don’t. If you consider yourself pro-Black, then call out the things that deserve to be called out. Judging Black women for the way they wear their hair does nothing but divide. Every Black woman is deserving of love and appreciation, no matter what hairstyle she chooses to rock.

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  1. I love this post! I just listened to a podcast from “We Talk Different” about hair and Black women.
    Definitely agree. We all can and should do with it what we please.


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